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Fashion makeup junior class
Fashion makeup junior class

Term fee: 1380 yuan
Class hours: 10 - 7 days

Senior Manicure entrepreneurial class (Advanced)
Senior Manicure entrepreneurial class (Advanced)

Term fee: 5180 yuan
[give the value of 1880 yuan a full set of tools Manicure]
Class time: 3 months

The image design of Cobain (senior makeup)
The image design of Cobain (senior makeup)

Term fee: 6680 yuan
[gift worth 2880 yuan a full set of makeup tool]
Class hours: 4 - 3.5 months

Korea semi permanent makeup Art
Korea semi permanent makeup Art

Term fee: 3380 yuan
[gift worth 1280 yuan of learning tools, a set of]
Class hours: 15 - 10 days

Fashion makeup all-around class (middle class)
Fashion makeup all-around class (middle class)

Term fee: 4200 yuan
[gift worth 2880 yuan a full set of makeup tool]
Class hours: 2 - 1.5 months

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Las Vegas And Occasionally Europe Since 1995

Recently, amazing beauty blogger Jiang sauce was invited to participate in a brand travel video shooting activities. There has always been the cone Korean outfit called small Master dare pink dinosaur costume,后台—新闻管理—新闻列表

The Flip Side Whats a Broker Looking for?

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How can Entrepreneurs Create a Vision?

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How to Become a Merchandise Broker

Even can remove wrinkles makeup effect, so that the entire makeup is more fit, perfect. And the design of the stick is more easy to use than the smear type of the product is more easy to get started, the use of super convenient.